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Kushleyko V.N., Kozhukhova Yu.V.

Innovations prompting extensive reading (on the material of W.S. Maugham’s novel “Cakes and Ale”)

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


The article touches upon the problem of making lessons on home-reading for advanced students more interesting with the help of modern technologies.

Key-words: extensive reading, advanced learners, literary opinions, the concept of beauty.

Advanced learners cannot do without extensive reading. Extensive reading enriches one’s vocabulary, deepens the knowledge of the studied foreign language and widens the horizons of the learners. When students take up reading books in the original, they have to overcome a lot of obstacles. What are these obstacles? First of all, a lot of new words the meaning of which is hard to guess while reading. The teacher can diminish these difficulties by giving some of words in advance of reading the chapter. Another obstacle is an avalanche of literary names unknown to students. They are bewildered by it, feel inadequate and, more of it, they cannot look up the names of the authors, the titles of the paintings, the names of the painters themselves in the ordinary dictionaries. It seems disconcerting to them and they soon give up reading the book in the original. They are displeased with themselves, the teacher and the concept of extensive reading itself. How can innovations help them nowadays?  By clicking the mouse of their PC they can enrich their knowledge in general and optimize their attitude to extensive reading.


Секции июнь 2012